Preventative Care

Rescue Auto lives by the motto that a little preventive care will go a long way to extending the life of your vehicle and reduce total maintenance costs over time. The barrier to most vehicle owners using preventive care as a rule and a habit is up-front cost. But in the long run, the cost of NOT doing preventive care is much higher.


  • Check Fluid Levels

We will check the fluid levels of all vital engine lubricants on a regular schedule to ensure that they keep your engine and vehicle components operating smoothly.

  • Timing Belt/Timing Chain Replacement

Rescue Auto expert technicians will adhere to all manufacturer standards when it applies to Timing and Serpentine belts as well as Timing Chains. This is one of the most important repairs that a vehicle will require during its lifetime. Failure to do so can result in massive engine failure, which could mean your car will need a full engine replacement – very costly!

  • Regular Oil Changes – This should go without saying, but for more information please visit our Oil Change section.
  • Check your battery and clean the contacts – This preventive maintenance, if done regularly, will help ensure that you’re never stuck with a car that won’t start due to a dead battery
  • Replace your air filters – This preventive maintenance applies to both cabin and engine air filters. Rescue Auto will regularly replace both to keep your vehicle running in top condition
  • Tire rotation and balance – Tires that are not regularly rotated and balanced will have a much shorter life span and will have uneven wear, leading to vibrations that can be felt inside the vehicle cabin
  • Alignment checks – Alignment will be checked regularly. A misaligned vehicle will wear through tires much faster and lead to other wear issues
  • Change your spark plugs. Spark plugs that are worn out or those covered in build up are sending you a message that they need to be replaced.