Battery Service

One of the most common reasons for a car not starting up right away is a dead or drained battery.  A vehicle’s battery provides the only source of electrical power. While a vehicle is operating with the engine running, the battery receives a charge from the alternator. If a vehicle’s battery does not have a sufficient charge, it will not be able to start up under normal conditions, nor will any of the vehicle’s electrical components function properly, or at all in most cases. Examples of these components are: headlights, interior lights, and the radio.

Speaking of the radio and other electronics with memory settings, such as seats and mirrors – when a new battery is installed, often times these personal settings are lost. Typically seats and mirrors stay in the same position, so it’s simple to reset the memory once a new battery is installed. However, the radio will certainly reset to frequencies that are not what you had previously chosen for memory settings. It’s not a terrible idea to either take pictures with your phone of your stored radio stations or write them down on a piece of paper before changing a bad battery and that’s only if you’re able to do it before the battery is totally dead and your car won’t start.

What to look for under the hood – Corrosion can cause a battery malfunction. When looking under the hood, if you see a white, crumbling/powdery substance, this is dried battery acid and it can eat through your battery cable. It can also corrode the battery terminals. It’s best to have a trained professional mechanic clean off the corrosion to determine if this is what’s causing the car’s battery to not start up.


Our mechanics will perform a load test to determine if the battery can still hold a charge.

  • If the battery fails the test, we remove and replace it. We will also safely dispose of the battery
  • In addition, we also clean the cables and apply anti-corrosion washers on battery terminals, where needed
  • Charge system is also tested for proper operation

Rescue Auto only uses ASE certified mechanics. We will make a recommendation for your battery and its maintenance or replacement based on best practices to upkeep.

And if you do have a dead battery, we offer free roadside assistance and a discount on the purchase of a new one. A dead battery can leave you stranded, but it won’t be for very long if you use Rescue Auto.


  • The car does not start up when you attempt to turn it on
  • Electrical components in the car, such as the lights and radio do not work

There’s really no substitute for a properly working battery. Once it dies, your car does not move. Because batteries are unable to hold a charge over time, especially in dry and desert conditions, a dead battery is a very common problem and will happen to everyone who drives, eventually.