Back to School

It’s back to school for Arizona children in July and August-
yet temperatures play havoc on our cars in the triple digit heat.

Moms and car poolers idle as they wait for their children to descend from their classrooms. Radiators and heat gauges work harder. Most likely Moms have an eye on the heat gauge and an eye out for children who cross in front of them while they wait.

Fernando Rivera, businessman, entrepreneur and auto technician, is ready for battle.

“It’s really a perfect storm for catastrophe,” he said. “That’s why the concept of a mobile automotive repair exists. To rescue these parents, moms more than likely, or help them before they get into a situation where they are stuck with their kids in the hot afternoons with an overheated car.” Rivera adds that overheating can cause permanent damage to the engine. “never ignore it.”

According to Rivera, he sees a sharp increase of distressed moms in overheated cars this time of year. “It’s the time when more parents are idling waiting for their kids,” he said. Sometimes it can take thirty minutes in a line to pick up our kids.”

Rivera knows this from personal experience with his twin ten year olds Zeke and Reyes. “That’s why Rescue Auto exists”, he said.

Rivera suggests the following preventative measures to avoid a cooling meltdown:

  • Keep an eye on the temperature gauge on your dashboard. If it gets too hot, take immediate action by turning on the heat. This pulls hot air from the engine block and has a cooling affect.
  • Have your radiator and hoses checked for leaks
  • Keep the reservoir half full. If it is low, add coolant or antifreeze.
  • Have the cooling system flushed periodically since the coolant becomes  contaminated and its additives become depleted over time.
  • Between flushes, make sure the coolant is filled to the proper levels by checking the overflow reservoir.
  • Inspect hoses and drive belts for cracking, soft spots or other signs of poor condition. Worn parts are more susceptible to failure in hot conditions and should be replaced.

Rescue, also known as Express Auto Commercial .com has been in business since 1986, service companies such as U Haul and AT&T as well as individuals in Phoenix, Tucson and Northern Arizona. For more information, contact or call 602 374 5381.


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